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As I was running this early morning at the oval track I had a light bulb moment. Attainable goals are essential in life.  In my situation where upsets were unforeseen I see now how valuable having goals are to getting myself out of disappointment and anger. When I was busy traveling for work,...
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Finally received my copy of Running On Empty by ultramarathoner Marshall Ulrich- can't wait to read it.     For the cover, they used an image I captured of Marshall running in Death Valley National Park- a slow exposure with flash at dusk as the full moon rose over the...
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Jogged through a sunny cold 40 after I got off work today, pushing to move. Hard for me to dress for jogging any more, I start out cold, ready for it, overdressed, ending up too hot, down the hill, to the flat, back up the hill, three miles, nothing fast, just steady, keep going, don't think past...
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This is my last week of “spring training” before I start the grueling 18-week preparation for the 116th Boston Marathon.  Over the past 12 weeks, I’ve eased back into a running routine, entertaining myself with hill repetitions, speed work on the track and short to medium runs.  I’ve seen...
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I have never been one to have a “natural” talent at anything.  In fifth grade when I chose an instrument to play, I was along with twenty other girls, breathless as we held our silver flutes against our lips and tried to create a semblance of a tone.  As we mastered the aperture and...
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I cleaned my office this week.               I found four copies of Beowulf, a dusty and almost empty bottle of Christian Brothers Brandy, and this article which was written for Runner’s World’s “Finish Line”: personal essays published on...
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I run with a Nike+ Sportband that operates with a sensor that fits into the insole of your shoe that sends signals to a wristband that measures your distance, pace, elapsed time, and calories burned.  Last year, two weeks prior to running the Boston Marathon, the Sportband readout stopped...
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There’s been quite a bit of drama over the last two weeks as registration for the 116th annual Boston Marathon opened and closed.  I’m registered, accepted, and guaranteed entry.  Since my time comes from last year’s Boston Marathon, and it was over ten minutes faster than my division’s...
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We all find inspiration in different ways, places, and people.  A co-worker of mine sent me this video of two post-sixty-year-old women talking about their experience and goals of running ultra-marathon distances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReYcQFaX07g They call themselves the “Grandmothers of...
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Enough said.