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Against every promise to myself upon buying a new set of sunglasses, I took them with me on errands and sure enough, let the beautifully designed shades fall to the ground where they received a scratch right where all sunglasses are doomed to be scratched: Directly in front of the eye. Crazy Eye A...
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"If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word." -Margaret Atwood If a person seeks the advice of how to become a better runner the frequently heard recommendation will be to run more.  Suggestions of running trails, hills, distance, short bursts, running for speed, running for...
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She waited. Watchful, Nervous, Anxious. Crumbling her empty paper cup Holding the dregs of nerves and caffeine, She impatiently tossed it into the nearby bin. Scanning the road, she watched and waited, Ignoring the jumbled fragments of conversation around her. The runners appeared suddenly. At...