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Rudy Giuliani | Rudy Giuliani

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Despite the usual spate of breathless hyperbole ("This is an amazing surprise. It was there for so many years and people were sitting on it when it was a loaded cannon!”) and misnomers ("Parks workers came upon a LIVE (emphasis mine) cannon ball loaded in a [Amer. Revolution-era?] cannon...
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In 1944, Rudolph W. Giuliani was born to a working class family in Brooklyn, New York. He was the grandson of Italian immigrants who attended Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School (Class of '61) in Brooklyn, Manhattan College (Class of '65) in the Bronx and New York University Law School in...
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A lot of Democrats are finally breathing again. After seeing a lead in the polls leading up to the 2000 and 2004 elections wither into defeat, progressive voters have been uneasy about a repeat of history. The so-called Bradley effect, predicting a change of heart by whites in the privacy of the...
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Guess which short, mincing, lisping, over-compensating, cross-dressing, hypocritical, adulterating, divorced, pseudo-Catholic, opportunistic, megalomaniacal, self-appointed, money-grubbing, art-destroying, incompetent, ungrateful, inadequate, Mussolini cloned, dispensable, sack of worthless shit...