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Book 3 in the Sherlock Holmes: The Skull of Kohada Koheiji novelettes series. In this third story of the first series, Holmes has to deal with a vampire infesting a Royal Navy battleship at anchor in the Thames. Told in the classic style, with Doctor Watson narrating, we see Holmes faced with...
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I'm delighted that the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard is to be the new venue for the popular one day event, CSI Portsmouth 2013, part of Portsmouth BookFest to be held on Saturday 2 November. CSI Portsmouth 2013 will be held in the Princess Royal Gallery at the...
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Research is a vital part of writing and particularly for me as I set my crime novels in a real location (although a certain amount of artistic licence can be used). So a huge thank you to the staff at the National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth (UK) and the Library for all the help and time...
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In the Royal Navy, there’s only one kind of facial hair allowed. British Tars are either clean shaven or they sport a beard, known in the service as a “full set.” The antipathy to the mustache is no doubt because of its predominance among the rival landlubber officer class (although it could’ve...