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Okay, so writers are challenged with not only writing a great story, developing wonderful characters and keeping the reader involved, but we also have to adhere to the dreaded 'word count' for various genres. There are guidelines for everything, and I do mean everything. And, of course, there...
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The business of publishing is, in many respects, not a business in the classical sense.  It's a business only in the way that show business is a business--in other words, trying to predict and manage its profitability is a capricious and unreliable undertaking (or business!)  Breakout...
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The Slush Pile Let us consider the slush pile. David Patterson, a senior editor at Henry Holt, whose taste in books I admire greatly, sent me an article from The Wall Street Journal online entitled: "The Death of the Slushpile." Way back when, the slush pile was an uncomplimentary term...
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Discuss. Income distribution among authors is almost as astonishing as that among actors, no?! Source:  http://www.forbes.com/media/2008/10/01/books-publishing-media-biz-media-cx_lr_1001authors.html The World's Best-Paid AuthorsBy Lacey Rose and Lauren StreibOctober 1, 2008 While the publishing...