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  December 8   THE WAY I DO IT       Cooking by smell, parking by ear, recovering by touch.  The latter has to be done this way; I cannot see into the black-box technology, which keeps me sober.  Feel through the resentments, pain, sadness, joy; find myself under...
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In an age of the second rate, the low rent and the umimpressive; of pornography, video games, text messaging and other irrelevancies of the human spirit, comes a beautiful, gracefull book, Men of Kent by Rick Rinehart.             It is on the face of it the story of a great private school rowing...
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[I'm joining the entire Red Room community in writing a short blog post on this week's topic: "Heroes." The form and the content of the blog entry are open to personal interpretation; whether this topic calls to mind a real-life hero, a fictional character, or something else altogether,...