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photo: Famous scene from Apocalypse Now, on http://www.rotaryaction.com/pages/apocalypse.html   (this is a continuation of another post, which you can find here)   2.  Look at the above list of works.  Most of them are about the monster within.  To borrow from Rousseau...
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Photo: Man Who Laughs, Conrad Veidt     A few quick snippets that occurred to me today about this seminal work:   1.  I was wondering today why so many works circa 1890-1900 centered around the mask we wear to keep apart the good and bad parts of our nature--or, rather, that...
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What is interesting to note about Communism is that it needed capitalism to rear its ugly head. Throughout human history, people were deemed to be born into various classes. A man, a family, a group of people inhabited higher or lower places in society depending in many ways upon vague, and...
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Prologue "Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains." ~ Jean Jacques Rousseau "The desire to be as civil as possible is a deep motive for the contemplative life." ~M. Scott Peck In Geneva today, the human creative spirit is not in chains. One is invited to let one's...
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Rousseau cautioned in his writings that the way to true happiness was to walk the middle path, virtu, not too much of one or the other. I wonder sometimes if his advice was self-directed. I mean, he was a writer and a philosopher, the double whammy. The likelihood of falling down Alice's...