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It's that time of year when songs about silver bells and winter wonderlands fill the air while we shop, bake, wrap and decorate. Christmas music doesn't just create a festive atmosphere, it also creates memories, which is ironic since no one can ever remember all the words to these songs, which we...
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The last few days, or really week or so, have been the type that probably motivated the storyline for "Thelma & Louise" for me.  Those weeks that are frustrating at best and throw yourself down, tear inducing, eat a pound of candy corn (or chocolate) at their worst.  In the midst of...
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For a week or two now, I've been taking a break from writing fiction, resting, writing other things, doing other things--I took the puppy to the lake, where he learned to swim--is there any greater joy than watching something you dearly love, something shaky and timid and excited and awkward...
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Easier than telling a story in a comic. I've never written a comic, so I have no idea about this, but the word "easy" got me thinking about the "easy" process of writing a book. Everyone probably has their own way of going about writing a book, but I would bet there’s a general...