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Rosh Hashanah | Rosh Hashanah

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Today is the first day of the year 5774 in the Jew­ish cal­en­dar. As it’s a hol­i­day, I’m rerun­ning the post (with a few tweaks) I did last year about hav­ing an “extra” day to revisit the year’s goals. Did you set goals in Jan­u­ary for the year 2013? How...
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This article is a bit of heavy-going (though I realize many would say the same about Kafka himself). I, personally, think  that Kafka's Jewishness and his religion did not influence his writing to any great degree. Quite frankly, Kafka was beyond all that stuff. Still, in my novel about Kafka...
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  Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, there's a new iPhone on the market.   We can celebrate with apps and honey.
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I learned that my local community center was having a talent show and to be in it members needed to apply with letter of interest, description of talent or resume, wait to be selected for auditions, then wait to be selected to perform. I applied to play my flute.   I thought I'd be...
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We’re midway into the new-year holidays sometimes called the Days of Awe, and so midway into the t’shuvah—self-accounting and reorientation—process this spiritual technology enables and demands. I love many things about High Holy Day services: the beauty of the liturgy and music, the communal and...
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I don't for a second regret growing up Catholic, entering the convent, becoming a nun. Don't regret leaving either. I'm grateful for all I have received, including the blessings from my husband's tradition, which has now become part of my own. And so on Rosh Hashana, to all my Jewish friends and...
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What do Islamophobia, a friend's disappointment, and the Jewish New Year have in common? Each offers the opportunity to remember and practice the simple things that support the renewal of possibility. The Jewish New Year, Rosh HaShanah, begins Wednesday night. I have been less involved in Jewish...
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TET IS ALSO A TIME FOR REFLECTION There is something about the Lunar New Year celebration in Vietnam (Tet) which inspires the urge to reflect on the past year, your life in general and what you hope for in the coming year. With the exception of the Western New Year, I suspect most cultural /...