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    I don’t grow these, though they are beautiful and I wish I did! This was a Mother’s Day bouquet of roses, and every time I see this picture, the flowers long gone, I’m reminded of these beautiful flowers and how important it is to capture the memories and keep them close to our...
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The shirts on the two guys read Mr. Clean Car Wash. On the way to the deli, they halted in the floral department to study a rose that had been dyed to look tie-dyed. The older guy’s name tag read Doug. “Hey, psychedelic, that takes me back. I was at the original Woodstock. Saw Jimi Hendrix. Saw...
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In a yellow tie, with a crease in his suit pants that could slice bread, the Mason go-getter stormed the floral department on a mission in a target-rich environment. “It’s my anniversary!” he boomed. A quick survey led to his strike on two dozen red roses. “These oughtta do it!” he said. “Twenty...
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The numbers had come out. Amanda stood at the back counter, fussed over an arrangement and sighed. “Two dollars,” she muttered. I felt bad, so I dispensed the attagirl. “Still – 26th! That’s not bad.” She shrugged, fluffed the flowers in the vase. “I know, it’s great,” she said. A few minutes later...
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Morning a thousand Roses brings, you say; Yes, but where leaves the Rose of Yesterday? Omar Khayyam Via Edward Fitzgerald
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  April 14         Who to Ask   “You ask good questions and you ask the right people,” said my sponsor. “I ask questions because I need answers,” my reply. “Do you know how many people need answers and never ask?” she quipped. “I ask my friends, no stroke of genius...
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Smiling and sunny, the young man approached the counter with the $11.99 rose bouquet, which comes with a stem of baby’s breath and a few bits of green. He picked out a $3.99 vase and asked for an arrangement. The total was $17.02; he dug into his wallet for a $20 and into his pants pocket for two...
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  April 23   CRUMPLED PETALS IN MY POCKET       I can’t bring back the bloom.  Cohesion, lost in ripeness, is left only to memory.  I carry home the parts, folded, petite, fragrant bedding for my wistful desires.  I put these colored remnants into a jar of...
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Tonight I walked through the grocery store with a purpose- to purchase enough food to feed five hungry men lunch tomorrow.  The "Five Guys," (my son and his four roommates), are heading south to enjoy their spring break in Daytona Beach. Since my house is on the way, I decided to offer lunch...
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Do you know how to recognise a Vampire? Apart from the most sure ways; teeth protruding at the front and a palid skin, oh and surely the nighttime activities!! There are some other telling signs of a Vampire: If you are visiting a cemetary check for gravestones that seem to be toppling. Make sure...