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Don't forget my book giveaway. It runs through Labor Day. Last weekend, Jaxine Daniels spoke to my local RWA chapter. Her topic: The A,B, C's of Romance Heroes. After going through different interpretations of different types of heroes, including the all-too-prevalent alpha male, and quoting a...
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I'm writing this after nearly three full days of conference activities (especially if you count drive time in your day), so forgive any incoherence. RomCon is a reader-focused conference, so very little in the way of craft type workshops, but a lot of information nevertheless. First off, the...
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First – stop reading right now and click the Deals & Steals tab. I've got an offer too good to pass up. Buy a book for 99 cents and get a $2.99 book FREE. No, I didn't get it backward. Today's post is targeted at readers more than writers, although I don't think you can really isolate one...
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Don't forget my new contest where everyone wins. Click the Contest tab at Terry''s Place. And there's another contest in today's blog--details at the end of this post. It's Valentine's Day, a holiday devoted to romance. I thought I'd ask what others find romantic, but before I did that, I went...
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Yesterday I talked about what makes a hero someone both the reader and writer loves. There were some great comments, and one of the frequent ones was that he had to love the heroine. When writing a romance, there are some reader expectations that have to be met. When we write a romance, we're...