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The condensated glass gives a shimmer effect to everything beyond and my apron is wet with soap suds that seep through and feel damp on my skin. Yet I am too caught up in the way the cold air outside bewitches me into believing that it is gentle and kind to care about wet aprons and I want to see...
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There is literary merit in the fact that J D Salinger’s toilet seat is up for auction. Think about the ideas many creative people say they get when they are digesting more than thoughts. Is there any truth in this phenomenon? As a somewhat creative person, I do come up with the most imaginative...
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I was drawn to a documentary about the sculptor, Auguste Rodin, this afternoon because one of my favorite places to write when the weather is good is on a bench by the Rodin sculpture garden at the Cantor Arts Center. I had no idea that Rodin's story is such a lesson in both the need to believe in...
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I guess I am down to the bare bones of it. No more excuses now that the new writing desk is in place. I spent the last six days trying to find a suitable one. It could only be three feet wide and I wanted something simple and understated. I wanted something to suit my writing. I drove around today...
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It is wet, windy and cold here today, another typical Sunday really! I lit the stove early but despite my best efforts it keeps going out because of the down draft in the chimney.  We are out of kindling too and that doesn't help matters.  Still, I managed to walk the dog, although my timing of ...