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  Express Yourself!       Teen Band Sensation-YIYELL July 3, 2012 Hosted by Youngjoo Ahn, with the Express Yourself! STAR On-Air Team [Download MP3] [itunes] [Bookmark Episode] Everyone fantasizes about being BFF with the pretty girl next door. But in the case of up-and-coming...
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I wrote Gone North while living in Mendocino County. It was my second novel. The story is fictional but I must admit it's based on a collage of interesting characters I met who came from all over the US to enjoy the peace and quiet of "Mendo Land". I settled on Mendocino County after I made my way...
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You probably can't read the words in the note next to the accompanying photo of Michael Jackson, but they were handwritten by the singer himself during the late 1980s when he was constantly on tour and just as constantly a subject of much public ridicule and condemnation. This note was composed on...
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Ooh, after the week I've had with babysitter woes, I have really been looking forward to my Friday post where I get to let my hair down, sit back, and ponder the inane, quirky habits of that ecelectic species, writer. This week's spotlight gelled for me in a dream last night. I haven't had the best...
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Here’s the long-awaited (by whom?) and much anticipated (oh really?) list of the most overrated sex acts of all time. You know, ideas that really seemed good at the time. Thanks to our fine group of contributors and their astute commentary. 1. Sex on the Beach “It works in the movie but in real...
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Quite a lot of things fascinate us about rock stars of all generations. Just what is it about them that keeps us enthralled? I'm pretty sure that a big part of the whole mystery comes directly from the genius of their works and their commercial packaging. For most everyone, the first connection...