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Oct. 9 marks what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday - a milestone hard to grasp when the final photo of the man froze him in time at the age of 40, senselessly assassinated 30 years ago this coming December. Now that the compact disc format is threatened with extinction, it could...
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Since December 2006 Silke Tudor and I have been working almost full-time on an oral history of punk rock in the Bay Area. We've interviewed nearly 300 people, from Green Day, Rancid and Operation Ivy, on back to Maximum RocknRoll magazine, Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Avengers, Crime, and the Nuns. The...
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Here's the opening paragraph of my latest reminiscence: I bought my first record in 1954, when I was 12: Little Walter’s “My Babe.” The 2008 film Cadillac Records reveals Walter as scotch-soaked, pistol-packing and tragedy-fated. But if I thought of him at all, it was as a tiny guy with the...