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The storm inside of meIs leaking outAnd I can not keep my wound stitched upIt spreads open thick and slowlySticky leakageI will thin outEvaporate in a night time airInitialize I'm cream silkDripping myself it's own morphine Solidify massesLeak out the fuel
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  Around 1969 I was working as a set designer and Jim Morrison of the Doors came to see the show. He invited half a dozen of us to come to the San Francisco Film Festival where a short film he had made, about his life as a rock star, was going to be screened. When we arrived, there was a crowd...
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It’s been one of those times when the pace of events—both interior and exterior—accelerates almost beyond reckoning. Granted, these days I get much of my news from “The Daily Show,” but still: Inauguration! Republican vote-rigging! Somalia! Egypt! I had a birthday with all the attendant thrill...
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    After posting on Neil Young's book, Waging Heavy Peace, I couldn't help but post this link. I'll let it go now.
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My second novel Just Being Friendly will be published within the next couple of weeks.  I am so excited.....
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    When nothing becomes something, does god laugh?  Emergence and change are constants in nature, artifacts of forces and substances intermingling in a dance that sets its own pace regardless of our observance. A stone grew teeth, or seemed to when I saw it.  Big laughing teeth jutting...
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  Eleven years ago, I was months away from gagging down a jagged pill, on which was imprinted a very frightening number: 50. I was distraught. Only recently I had suffered a soul-jarring shock when, for the first time, I was informed that I was, at 49, actually older than the parents of one of my...
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Years ago I had the pleasure of working for Whitney Houston while she was preparing for her "I'm Your Baby Tonight" tour. Here's how it all began....I had been living in Key West, but had previously lived in Miami and had many friends still living in Miami. One day a friend of mine in...
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Keeping it short, because I've essentially been sobbing since I got the news a few hours ago: Jim Marshall, beloved if slightly deranged friend and the greatest music photographer who ever lived or probably ever will, died in his sleep last night. At some point, I will get it together and write him...
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Dark Night of the Soul   1. "The best way out is always through." Robert Frost   2. Wrapped tight with no footing, loneliness, an implosion to this day unmatched.   3. He'd had a hard night. One shoe, high quality, was in the gutter. I'll leave it there. He might be back....