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STOP! STOP! STOP! (This blog is the text of a speech given as part of a panel discussion on ebooks for the California Writers’ Club Redwood Chapter’s “Next Step” Conference, April 27-28 2012. Also on the panel were Scott James, Robert Digitale, and Mark Coker.)   Okay, a man walks into a bar...
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Although I’m a self-proclaimed “E-BOOK BOOKIE” I must confess that I’ve only read five books on my Kindle. (Richard II, Lysistrata, The Art of War, Aesop’s Fables, and Richard Stark’s bleak and violent heist novel The Score.)    I much prefer the heft and feel and convenience (yes,...
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The secret to writing success? What is it? We already possess it. We use it daily, and, in most aspects of our lives, have honed it to a scalpel’s keenness. Is it creativity? No, creative people rarely have time to sit down at a keyboard, as they are too busy feng shui-ing their way through the...
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Have you ever needed a quotation for inspiration or to include in an essay?  My new book "You Had Better Give a ****  906 Quotes By, For, And About the Writer" is hot off the proverbial presses. It's $8.22 at www.lulu.com/rloughranjokes and includes quotes from Faulkner, Anne Lamott,...