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You can see the trailer for my new book here. April, 1914. Against his better judgement, Detective Inspector Silas Quinn is attending the premiere of the new motion picture by notorious Austrian film-maker Konrad Waechter. But the glamorous event is interrupted by the piercing screams of a young...
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This week, Ivory Madison pointed me in the direction of R.N. Morris' Red Room video #2 of a writer's life.  She didn't want me to drive myself crazy looking at Amazon numbers for my new book,The Complete Cat's Meow.  She needn't have worried. I did that with my first book. Now I just glance...
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Earlier this week, I finished the first write-through of my new Porfiry Petrovich novel, A RAZOR WRAPPED IN SILK. I’m leaving it for a few days before I do my first read-through. As it currently stands, it’s longer than anything I’ve yet written, about sixty words short of the 125K mark.  I suspect...