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  November 5   BEFORE THE END OF THE ROAD     Before the end of the road tiny stone lay on the side, freshly painted lines glimmer in this twilight trance.  Walking the macadam, the crunch underfoot changes my perspective.  No steering wheel or accelerator, this is...
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November 7       Let the Groundhog Sing It         Mistakes and poor choices save me from attempting to climb out onto moral high ground.  Moral ambiguity keeps me protected from the illusion of relentless righteousness.  Lopsided living is a fate I am spared due...
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By the time we get out of kindergarten we have a sneaking suspicion that there is more than one take on reality. This realization (that things are not black and white) pretty much crystallizes by the time we get out of the high-school. What starts out as a clear-cut case of pain and pleasure and...
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For now, I have to assume the world is full of imperfection, which is why we read certain books and/or write them. It's so we can imagine what perfection would be like. Growing up in a family where it was like a religious belief that the louder one yelled and the harder one bullied, the more power...