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Crime and punishment in Chicagoland is today’s topic. Thanks to the Hop On-and-Hop Off Tour and the Untouchables Tour, Laurie and I took today, we were able to enjoy cinematic and very real historical sites with gangster-themes. My wife was the expert photographer providing vivid reminders of our...
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ARBITRAGE a film review by Jeanne Powell For billionaire Robert Miller (Richard Gere), life is working well.  Every time he enters a room, he is reminded of how good power feels – in his palatial home, in his corporate office, inside the best restaurants in New York.   Just a few...
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Actor Richard Gere will receive the George Eastman Award on February 16, 2012, mainly  Gfor his longtime effort in the battle against HIV/AIDS. He helped to establish AIDS Care Home, a residential facility in India for women and children with AIDS. He will be presented...
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Because three films portray the U. S. Navy when I was serving, THE LAST DETAIL, AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, and CINDERELLA LIBERTY each hold a special place for me.  Together they paint a picture of how the Navy affected people.  Each one is worth a rental on Netflix or however you get your films....
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I was standing in a long line at the post office thinking, "Man, I'm glad I'm not behind the counter giving postage," when it occurred to me the nearest clerk was probably thinking, "Man, I'm glad I'm not in that long line just standing." A class never offered in graduate...
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I was doing some laundry this morning before work when it hit me. However, before I explain that statement let me just say that I am a big admirer of the renowned Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, not least because he is the father of Uma Thurman. No wait, that’s Richard Gere. Still, I am a big...