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Hello Everyone, Rewrites are funny. I had this idea and I ran with it. While it was good, having other eyes of those you trust bring on new avenues and insights that bring your book to that next level. I'm so grateful for the support team I have. I'm on my way to lifting "How to Bury a Body" to the...
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  My blog title can lead to many conclusions, but today I would end it with ". . . post your 'pitch'." It wasn't. I removed it. I wrote another. I'll praise the Amazon Novel Contest for offering the opportunity to change submissions until the deadline. I was troubled yesterday (...
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Writing for an anthology is like soup in a can - concentrated. I recently had an essay published in the new anthology about women writers, Press Pause Moments: Essays About Life Transitions by Women Writers. I found the writing wanted listing in Poets & Writers Classifieds - a great resource,...
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“To write simply is as difficult as to be good.” Somerset Maugham Micro-revision // First Steps After the macro revision and after deconstructing your premise, themes, etc put your manuscript away. Let it cool down. As written so brilliantly by Kathy Crowley in Beyond The Margins, what happens in...
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I caught my self the other day, mid-sentence small talk, excused myself and stepped away like some obnoxious cell phone user.  I dug into my bag for a pen and then for something to write on.  My multi-tasking brain, that was feigning interest in a dull conversation, had just pumped out an amazing...
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Rewriting comes in many guises and brings with it both pain and pleasure.  For me it all depends on when I am rewriting. If I have to rewrite on the editor's request then it is a pain, because by then I am already well into the next novel. If it is during the revision stages of a novel (before it...
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I was just chatting by email with my incredibly hilarious and talented friend Sean, who isn’t a huge fan of his first drafts. I totally get that. I, too, hate at least the first five drafts of anything I write. (However, I have to say that Sean’s first drafts are always a lot better than mine, so...
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At the Museum of Fire you stretch arms made of styrofoam and snow around me you offer to take my pain away, quick as a methadone-flavored gumdrop you whisper into my neck, Don't worry, nothing's really on fire as I touch the painted flames along your knees, I wonder if the guard can hear us