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I call my new Christmas novella, The Wise Men:  A Christmas Adventure, revisionist history because it tells how an event could have happened.  The New Testament gives us very little information, just Matthew 2: 1-12.  We don’t know who they were, how many there were, nor where...
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Coming in just a few days!  Here's a sneak peak description: If you’ve ever wondered where the Wise Men came from, and whether they were kings or magi or prophets or astronomers, or if they had families and friends and hopes and dreams, and how they traversed hundreds or thousands of miles...
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    My improvised work station.     I have set up a workstation where my arms and wrists and gaze are all properly aligned. Hopefully, I can get to typing Diary of a Confirmed Spinster, my story about Edith Nicholson of Richmond, Quebec, a prim and proper Presbyterian teacher...
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 I taught English/Writing in a Texas public school for seven years.  This was in the 90's.  I never felt that the American History section of the state-adopted textbook was particularly biased.  Part of the curriculum included teaching The Declaration of Independence.  The fact that the school...