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During the time I've been writing and publishing novels, Publisher's Weekly has reviewed my work about seven or so times.  Most of the reviews have been good, one or two good or okay.  But last week, I actually received a review from them that was the knife thrower's mistake, a jab to the gut. ...
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I’m going to start today’s blog with a just a little piece blowing my own trumpet. Yesterday my book “Across the Pond” reached the BIG 100 reviews status on Amazon I am so pleased that that many people have taken time not only to read my book, but to review it as well. Any way I said I would...
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  Let me say one thing right up front: I think it's wonderful that there are so many opportunities on the Internet for readers to review novels they've read. I absolutely love being able to check out what other readers think about a book I want to buy. If most of the reviews of a certain book...
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Seemed to be loads of little jobs to do before the day really got started today (why are some mornings just like that??), but I managed to squeeze in a meditation poem: Meditation 204 A faith that glistensin the eyes of your friendsslips through your fingers,does not glide into skin:a halfway house...
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The reviews are starting to arrive for City of the Dead and they are just plain fun or even funny. Which is good, as the book was meant to be a romp.  Another kind reader sent me a note just today that he had to kick his wife out of the bedroom last night.  She'd borrowed his copy of City...
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Since the first of my three Palestinian crime novels was published in early 2007, I haven't been short of terrific reviews in the mainstream media. After all, The New York Times said I'd written "an astonishing debut novel" and every outlet from The Sunday Telegraph to The Sowetan has...
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New review of Ice Song  posted on Robots and Vamps today, thanks very much, Matt! "For some reason, this novel was published without much fanfare when it should have been be on everyone’s radar. Ms. Kasai has written a truly extraordinary novel that I had the extreme pleasure of reading. Her...
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The Romance Studio gives Courage of Fear yet another 5 star review... yet this time for both author and story. I am indeed bless. Thank you all. http://theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/couragefearboyer.htm
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This Monday is looking up!!! I thought yesterday was going to be a Monday...newsletter glitched and it went out to some just fine, but my copy showed untitled and nothing else. So one of my newsletter readers from Facebook forwarded me a copy. LOL And then I was able to forward a copy to those who...
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Views, Reviews and Weird Nature News So what have I got to offer you in this weeks "Views, Reviews and for a change some Nature News VIEWS: Where do babies come from? What makes a rainbow? Why is the sky blue? these are some of the many questions that have left four out of five parents vexed...