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Photo: The movie's poster, from its Wikipedia page.  Read that, too.  Interesting stuff.   Other than the incredibly obnoxious idiots talking and exclaiming behind me all through the movie, I have nothing but superlatives to say about the movie Gravity.  (Admittedly, the...
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BESHARAM is a worthy successor to BARFI to be sent for Oscars.   KAASH, we all could YAP! Thank God, we can’t! Agar ek bhai ka dabba gol ho gaya (THE LUNCH BOX), toh duusre ka flat tire. And still both r providing unasked for whinebites. Aadat se majboor. Never mind. Not everyone can make a...
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Since Comfortably Numb, the eighth Kinkaid Chronicle, isn't officially up for presale yet (1 November release date), I can't actually put up Red Room's official "enter this book into the books" thingie yet.    However, I can preen over a nifty review of the book, from Teresa L. Jacobsen...
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Well, this is Day 2 of the blog tour for Two Brothers: Origin and I just saw this wondeful review. I love to hear that someone who ordinarily doesn't read sci-fi has become a sci-fi fan! Read the review here    
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It's such a wonderful thing to see good reviews coming in for my book (Two Brothers: Origin, science fiction, young adult)! As a writer, it makes my day to see that someone likes what I've written. I think it gives validation to the hours and hours of hard work put into crafting a story, revising,...
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“Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown…” and all that smooth jazz.   Back in the day, 1960 to be exact, the BBC, under producer Peter Dews and director Michael Hayes, created the spectacular fifteen part black and white epic mini-series (before the term had been coined) “An Age of Kings”—...
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  Book Marketing can be one of the biggest challenges for traditionally published as well as self-published authors. Today, more than ever before, writers are faced with the task of marketing the books they write. To launch a successful book marketing campaign, there are many marketing...
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This is a nice review, although I don't agree with the last couple of sentences :)   http://romancereviewsmagazine.blogspot.co.uk/   Reviewed by Nigella. The author describes with great flourish how dark and dangerous the streets are in her Victorian England of 1888. I like the way Ms...
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Ida Mae is so passionate about her work as a filmmaker, her intensity lands her in the hospital after a heart attack.  Her mother, Edna, whose ghost takes up residence in Ida Mae's hospital room, appears as Ida Mae's spirit leaves her body and shoves it back in.  "You think because I'm...
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In return for her lovely review of This is How You Die, here's the first "mini-death" thank you story. The reviewer drew "Hematoma" from the http://www.machineofdeath.com/ site. If you want a mini-death tale of your own, just write a revie.w of This is How You Die wherever you'd like, and link it...