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If you enjoy suspense/thrillers with international settings and characters, you might find Crossroads and The Raven Affair interesting. Both novels were rated five stars by a number of reviewers and are well liked by readers. The website is at www.wix.com/snedelton/snedelton.
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  Sneak peek at THE SHEEP AND THE GOATS, Book Two of the Berkeley Trilogy.   They had six children in all, Billy and Lydia, and, despite Berkeley's handouts, gave the impression of being on the edge of penury. Billy's role as Clerk of the Peace for Gloucestershire to Edward Bloxsome...
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Can I hold a grudge or what? My new novella-in-progress has the best bad guy I have ever written. The levels of his cruelty and manipulation have continually surprised me. Till today that is. Today I realized that this guy is an exaggerated amalgam of two teachers from my youth. They both...
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The Raven Affair and Crossroads are presently available for purchase Online and at bookstores by order. These two books are also avilable for order from the author's website, http://snedelton.com.  Steven Nedelton's website provides detailed information about the two novels, including excerpts,...
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 Is it time for Revolt? Are Global Warming and Health Care Reform issues politically related?  In discussions about Global Warming, the far right doesn’t buy into the notion that pollution is the cause.  In discussions about healthcare reform, the far right doesn’t feel change is needed.  There are...
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  Every writer is going to get one, or most likely several dozen (hopefully, not several hundred). It goes with the territory. The moment a book is catapulted out there into the (harsh, unforgiving) wide open world, the writer's head is on the block, and the question isn't whether or not the...
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"The verdict was read out after a few hours. The Ceausescus were sentenced to death. They had ten days to appeal, but the sentence was to be carried out immediately. A nod to Kafka. " http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article6967099.ece
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  The Shire, a dwelling in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional world of Middle-earth is the perfect place for a young woman like Amanda Marcella, who does not fare well on her own. Sheltered within her marriage, she tries to escape the pressures of society. But the outside world has a way of creeping...
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So now onto the STORM portion of our little blog-a-palooza. As many of you who were glued to CNN or other major news networks this past weekend, the southeast was pummeled by a major storm. Now when you live by the water, (and in my case I live across the street from the Elizabeth River) you expect...
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I don't have proof or a chart or a grid to prove my feeling, but I do believe in karma or the return of the energy that we sow in the world.  We reap what we put out there.  We give and we get.  What we do can come back to haunt or reward us.  There is an accounting page in the universe, somewhere...