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As an author of horror and thrillers, I love this time of year. There’s nothing like a web covered house with spiders hanging from the front porch to get my pulse racing. And of course, there are all the classic scary movies to choose from on the TV listings.  Zombies, vampires, werewolves,...
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While I am out running in the morning, my mind races from one idea to the next. After I get through “kvetching” regarding the current political nonsense, my mind recently centered on “what music would I want played at my memorial” (that is if there is one??) I have no idea where that came from....
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One of my recent blogs on Red Room (http://redroom.com/member/james-hoch) was titled “Why Read?” It presented several reasons why I have been a lifelong avid reader. This blog taps into reasons why I gravitated to writing. So as I was cleaning the pool at the campground that I’m working at, the...
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Hello everyone.  Today is a special blog.  I am excited to interview one of the characters in "Reveka's Revenge," book two of the Crimson Pursuit series.  My guest is Quenilda.  She has been an astral spirit since her death in 1347.  JSH:  Hello, Quenilda, it is a pleasure to be able to...
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It's 5 am and once again I am up...and here it is vacation!  I should be enjoying the time to sleep in, but noooo......we have a critter waking us up.  We are pretty sure it's a squirrel because it sounds "big".  It starts chewing on something and that's disturbing.  We live in a motor...