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News organization Reuters has filed a story about a huge finalized deal involving Microsoft  and Barnes & Noble. On Monday, they reported:       Microsoft Corp has agreed to invest $300 million in Barnes & Noble Inc’s Nook digital-book business and college...
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JoAnne Allen writing for Reuters http://af.reuters.com on August 25, 2010  quoted  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who said the United States will help any effort to bring to justice rebels  accused in the "horrific" mass rape of women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo...
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A gritty video released by Wikileaks on Monday shows U.S. troops in Iraq destroying a vehicle that was preparing to rush a wounded Reuters journalist to the hospital. The secret black-and-white video, recorded by at least one Apache helicopter that was shooting at a group of about a dozen people,...
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In July of 2009, Caijing Magazine quotes unidentified sources as saying Chinese automaker Chery is looking for bank and equity investor help for a possible bid for Volvo, Ford’s Swedish nameplate. Chery looses out to Geely. Image Credit: The Auto Beat   Volvo - Chinese automakers claim stake...
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I've been on the road reading in support of THE ENTIRE EARTH AND SKY: Views on Antarctica. While on Live from Prairie Lights! in Iowa City, (which will be re-broadcast on Saturday, Nov. 1 at 9 p.m. on WSUI, or http://wsui.uiowa.edu/prairie_lights.htm) I was asked about the global climate change...