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I was lying on my bed, where I had fallen asleep reading my book. The next thing I realized was my ear was twitching, so reached up to scratch it and felt claws. That is when I realized that something was terribly wrong. I sat up in my bed and looked around. Everything seemed normal, except that I...
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Millie looked at the screen in the front of her couch and it read, “When ready to return home, please press the red button.” She asked, “Is everyone ready to go home?” Tired little voices from the couches behind her agreed that they were ready to go home. Jasmine said, “I just wish that it wasn’t...
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The door to the instant travel machine closed, a red light flashed once and then the door opened again, instantly… As the door opened, a weird red light flooded the compartment from outside and a wispy red fog blew into the doorway and filled the little chamber. Everyone’s eyes were staring at the...