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I got turned onto Hope Clark's website quite a while ago and have been very pleased with it. She offers so many articles and tips for writers as well as lists of writing contests, residences and retreats, conferences and even publishers/agents who are looking for manuscripts. She offers two free...
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  Every week literary agents receive hundreds of query letters from aspiring writers who are hoping to interest the agent in their project. Why then, would agents take time from their busy schedules to go to a writers conference and meet yet more writers in person?  As co-founder of the...
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Just wanted to pause and note how great yesterday was as a writing day, to give myself some positive feedback.  I was just there, in the novel, in my secret little room, editing, writing, re-writing and revising. People sometimes broke in but each time I returned quickly and easily. The...
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I once went on a Budhist retreat after a year of attending a local Budhist Center.  I had just gotten divorced after a ten year relationship and we had rarely gone to church.  So, I thought it would be a good time to explore spirituality in general.  During that time I took a three sesson class at...
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Every April, I am presented with a number of deadlines. These are not, however, of the writer's sort. The deadlines I face are largely due to the weather. When spring comes around, the marina near where I live becomes a very busy place. All the docks that were pulled in against the Lake Erie...
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This is still hard to write. A week later, and the anger and distress I feel at having one of my stories "stolen" and published under someone else's name is still raw, still cuts deep. The fact that, several days after this revelation it was discovered that this person, a former writing...