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  Side-By-Side - Restoring America Rally on left (packed with concerned American citizens) / One Socialist Nation Rally on right (packed with all of the Messiah's socialist citizens) - ironic and telling, isn't it? Image Credit: The Blaze (2010) One Nation Rally - The Hodge-Podge Of...
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  This photo image was captured from the top of the Washington Monument and shows the following - about 200,000 people can fit directly around the Reflecting Pool and under the trees in the center of The Mall ... the large field on the left can hold an additional 350,000 people. There are...
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On Monday, August 30th, 2010 Reverend Al Sharpton said Glen Beck “hijacked the Civil Rights Movement” with his Restoring Honor rally, ranting on about how Martin Luther King Jr. day is sacred . . . like it belongs only to people of color because no white man or women could ever understand the true...
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Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday,probably in a bid to invoke the charisma and success of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. who himself had delivered his famous ''I have a Dream '' speech there decades before,neither Sarah Palin  nor Fox News host Glenn Beck realized that before a...