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I am a fifty-eight year old personal trainer and fiction writer. The best thing about getting old is defying the conventional wisdom about aging. I can still do real push-ups, by gosh--and I'm a woman and I have wrinkles! I love showing my older clients what they're capable of. I love practicing...
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Through out history there were distinct lines of respect, honor, trust, security.  It’s not like human experiences, diversities, life styles, relationships have change since almost the beginning of time.  That has shape our world into to the blatant unrelenting, despicable scene of bad manners...
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My Dad turned 91 yesterday.  It's not a great age, yet still impressive enough considering he is now the oldest one of his siblings as well as the oldest member of the whole family.  Last year my sisters and I promoted a "card shower" for his 90th birthday, and family and friends (and...
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  Have you looked around at leadership in your community, city, county or state recently?  Have you examined the effectiveness of those who would typically be referred to as a "leader" because of the position they hold? What descriptive words come to mind? The blogs about President Elect...