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This is promising. I was the first to look up Kafka.http://www.wordnik.com/
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After many years of working long hours at a very demanding job, and extending the work day with numerous evening events plus a two-hour roundtrip commute, I am now working on bite-size projects from my home office, which means lots of free time to explore. And yesterday I made an amazing discovery...
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This is not meant to delve into deep questions of self and psychoanalysis, but is certainly a question all of the writers I know ask themselves -- and their writer friends. Oh, it’s easy to come up with lists of distractions and time commitments and the pull of personal relationships, but what is...
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This photo is looking east, up Dexter Avenue from Commerce, in 1906 Montgomery, toward the state capitol. The Dexter Avenue Baptist Church is on the right, at the top of Dexter, not seen in the picture here. Is it my imagination or is that lamp post to the right of the fountain leaning? You can see...
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Arrgh! I've had the whole day to myself today as I do most Tuesdays, and last week I got started on my new book (working title: Those Who Wait.) So this week I decided to do some research into prison life during Edwardian times in England. It seems the internet is packed FULL of information about...
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Recently I was at the Google headquarters at Mountain View to give an Authors@Google talk (now up on You Tube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPbSw5Yo2TA)--and I have to say, I was quite charmed. The "campus" is appropriately named. Watching numerous blue-jeaned...
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I am giving thanks for the return of my writing vibe. I've managed to get down 3,000 words of an entirely new novel, being the second book in the planned crime series. I've settled on a format that means I can relax and enjoy the process, which is vital at this stage. The first novel is back with...
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Researching a novel isn’t exactly like, say, conducting laboratory research. Luckily for me. A few experiences from my first 10-day “research” trip to Iceland:  Floating in a boat on a glacial lagoon – the same lagoon with its dramatic icebergs that years later is now featured on the cover of my...
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I began to do research for my next novel, Sorrowed Souls. I had to intigrate myself within the homeless community. I live in Los Angeles and we have a very large homeless population. I discovered a wonderful organization. the Missionaries of Charity Brothers. Their entire order is dedicated to...
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I want to start a conversation, please. So I started this body of work about the Palestinian struggle back in early 2006. Some of you have heard or read snippets of this work as it has developed over the years. A friend of mine told me he has been thinking about me and Palestine over the last...