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Suspending Disbelief; The Core of Fiction
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Cosmic Twins — Reality & Imagination
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I am tired of kissing. First it was kissing as an art, now it is a science. Can people not just be left alone to do with their mouths what they wish to do? How many of you have ever looked at the Kama Sutra for tips? I doubt it. Every glossy worth its smooth skin has covered this subject...
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There are a number of sites on the Internet that are interesting, informative, well-written and, most importantly, accurate. And then there's Wikipedia. There are currently 3,521,679 articles on the English Wikipedia site, all of which have been written by volunteers. Choose any of its articles...
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  Over a year ago I wrote a section on my CHINA LILY novel where I used the term huckbuk. As explained in a blog at the time (which I just re-posted), I had to explain what this term meant without slowing the scene. I believe I succeeded, but . . . Soon after this, I left the CHINA LILY to write a...
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    I wrote this blog over a year ago. From it stems what happened yesterday, described in blog Part 2. My characters are in a sea battle (on a minor scale - longboats vs. fishing boats) and from one of the boats a shot is fired by a "huckbuk" (there are various spellings). This is...
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  The Origins of Wine and Beer: DMA Pours Out the Factsby Andrew Chalk According to Dr. Patrick McGovern, wine may date back as far as 8500 BC. McGovern knows his stuff. He is the director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory for Cuisine, Fermented Beverages, and Health at the...
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Writing for an anthology is like soup in a can - concentrated. I recently had an essay published in the new anthology about women writers, Press Pause Moments: Essays About Life Transitions by Women Writers. I found the writing wanted listing in Poets & Writers Classifieds - a great resource,...
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The Columbine Student Guide is now complete. It's online and free. (The Columbine Teacher's Guide and Columbine Online are in beta, coming soon.) The idea came this spring, over weeks touring colleges and high schools, meeting thousands of students who had embraced the book. You guys really...
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Although most writers know exactly what form their project will take, a few feel unsure. They may ask questions like: Is it a memoir? A how-to book? An e-book? Do I only have enough information for an article? Is my article actually an essay? For these people, the first few blog posts of Write...