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I was once embarrassed about liking beautiful things. In the midst of my teenage existential angst, fretting over appearances struck me as horribly shallow. And I was canyon deep, dang it! So that’s when I retreated to my Fortress of Solitude. It looked a lot like an alcove in the family basement...
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My new novel, ADDIO POSITANO, has just come into print. I am very excited about it, and hope that it will find many interested readers. Like Miranda, my protagonist, I arrived in Positano during the 50s, when it was still a fishing town, with only a few tourists. The drama of the war continued to...
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Hi all, I'm a little behind in blogs, I've gotten sidetracked helping out on the film "In The Pines". It was a really interesting experiance and I even got to be a corpse! So look for that in DVD stores soon. I wanted to reprint an out of print story I did some years ago, first...