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Place your orders now for an autographed copy of my new novel, due to be released in a few short weeks, and get FREE shipping! Don't Delay! Bop on over to www.jodibowersox.com to read sample chapters and place your order! Four years after the tragic loss of her family, newspaper reporter C.G....
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Image: Shea Allen, former reporter for an Alabama news station, on a happier day.  From an article on dailymail.co.uk, here.   Shea Allen, former on-air reporter for an Alabama news station, was recently fired for re-posting a list of ten confessions, each of which had to do with her...
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  As a newspaper reporter, occasionally I was assigned to report on a story whose subject I didn't know well.    I learned that if I don't know what questions to ask. Otherwise I was at a huge disadvantage and at risk for being misled.   When these assignments came my way, I...
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Back when I was a reporter for the South Dade News Leader, I covered the religion beat. One of the first people I met was a little old woman with the unlikely name of Romaine Alexander. The catchphrase she often used was my title above: "Better, better and better." She lived her life by...
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Operations at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport began to return to normal after a two day partial shutdown due to hurricane Earl.The return to normal was accompanied by a barrage of complaints about the manner in which the airport authority handled the emergency.Activity at the main...