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Step by step, hour by hour, day by day…   I am powerful. I am capable. I am creative. My life has great value. I deserve the best. I make healthy decisions. I am worthy. I build healthy relationships. I create abundance in my life. I am good to myself. I am good for others. I remain positive...
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It's hard when expectations are misaligned. It’s a challenge to put up with mindlessness. It’s a struggle to fit in. Perceptions are never the same. It's not personal unless you choose it to be. It's about the others’ lens that needs filtering. Pick your battles wisely. Preserve your energy....
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It’s just a temporary setback, a hiccup.  Things do get into the way.  One must remember to not lose it, to keep the faith and to stay the course.  No matter how difficult the internal struggle, stay calm. No matter how restless the sleep night after night, the waiting will pay off...
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No matter how big or small the task, find purpose for work. People will either notice you or not.  If they see you as a positive example they will say nice things about you.  Some people who have nothing better to do may talk about you in a not so nice way.  That’s none of your...