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Remembrance Day | Remembrance Day

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  On the 95th Anniversary of Armistice Day They are focused on an interior landscape. The barrel of the lens will reach far into the future, capturing a moment in time more powerfully than any modern app. He sports a soldier's uniform, an officer in the King's Royal Rifle Corps, standing a...
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Title: Gun crew with their 17-pounder anti-tank gun   My father, Bombardier Byron C Estey, Service Number G4094 Units: 1st Anti Tank Regiment: 90th Anti-Tank Battery was on the crew of an anti-tank gun, similar to the one shown above. His job was to plot  the trajectory of the shells, so...
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During my adolescence, I was exposed to numerous print and film texts based on World War II, in addition to stories told by my mother and grandfather, of their experience of air-raids and rations. At high school, we studied seminal literature such as 'The Diary of Anne Frank' and 'Night' (Elie...
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  While the US celebrates Veterans Day, around the world the day to remember those who gave up their lives for us is called "Remembrance Day". Canada like the US holds this day on November 11th. While in the UK the national day of remembrance for those killed in both world wars and...