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A Memory By Bernadette A. Moyer What makes a memory? And what allows us to remember some things and to forget others? On February 23, 1998 I planted a cactus at our home in Delaware. Why on earth would I remember that date? When I have planted many things throughout the years? That cactus is doing...
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You know I laugh a lot at what the Guides show me and tell me in the stories they weave, for many of the lessons are for me as well as to be shared, and if there is one thing that I have in spades is stubbornness!    Patient at this time of change and reluctant to interfere in the things...
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I visited mom in her niche a few days ago.  All Saints Day is a big and busy day here in the Philippines.  Families from all walks of life trek to the cemetery and spend time with their loved ones.  The tradition has gone a bit overboard with some who spend nights in the cemetery,...