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Building your global niche is a 21st century skill. For work. For life.International business, human resources, the future of life & work bestsellers and new releases from Harvard Biz Review are stacking up on our bookshelf at Pinterest.   Finding cultural effectiveness. Career...
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How GlobalNiche thinking applies to your life: a slideshow
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I love Savannah. It has always been my favorite southern city. I've been to St. Augustine, Charleston and Annapolis. They all have their charms, but Savannah has captured my heart. I love the well thought out city squares that James Oglethorpe first envisioned in 1733. It's a true walking city....
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There can be only one permanent revolution — a moral one; the regeneration of the inner man...everybody thinks of changing humanity, and nobody thinks of changing himself. "Three Methods Of Reform" by Leo Tolstoy image: bean vines from a couple of years ago in my compost pile   My...
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When people talk about "reinventing oneself" they usually mean reinventing or changing their public persona. During my long life (I will be ninety-four in February), I have changed my public persona many times. Was it really a "reinvention" of myself? No--it was a change in my public...
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Reinvention is the cool word that encapsulates all the terrifying, challenging, specific, fuzzy, esoteric, and particular things I had to learn to be socially acceptable. I encountered the desperate need to reinvent myself when my best friend from first grade moved away in fifth grade. Gulp. Then...
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I've spent too many years trying to reinvent myself as a poet and author to change anything now. Before my novel, Ocotillo Dreams, was published (2011), I used to sidestep question, 'So You're a Writer? What have you written?' Although I told myself and others that writing was more important than...
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 The answer is all around you. If you're trying to launch a writing career, read "How Lindsay Lohan Helped Me Reinvent Myself. "  http://www.mydaily.com/2011/03/01/lindsay-lohan-helped-me-reinvent-myself/  MyDaily.com graciously let me share my story.  Here's an excerpt: We often look...
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 Brenda jumped in. “Most of us spent years imagining a new bright life in our future. I don’t want (or need) us to leave absolutely everything behind. To do so can dishonor the best of who we’ve been and what we’ve done. I don’t want (or need) to bring absolutely everything forward with us...
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A loud, urgent knocking came from our front door. My wife, Brown Eyes, certain our house was on fire hustled to respond. There was a fire of sorts, but it wasn’t a house or even ours. It was Brad and Brenda Fitzapiti from around the corner here in Palm Heights (elevation 14’). Red faced, Brad said...