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I began this journey with Jac L'Etoile in Seduction and I admit it was a bit difficult getting into the rhythm of the way the book is put together. The historical perspectives were very much like Jac's memory lurches and were a bit disconcerting. I've read several books in the series culminating in...
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This was a fun story about reincarnation and how these teens couldn't break a curse passed down over the generations from their Viking heritage. It touches on berserkers of old. And about anger management issues. I actually wrote this after we were playing a game at a Christmas party one year...
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Is there really life after death? If you're like me, you probably hope there is and that you retain sufficient consciousness of your life that you'll be able to ask the right questions.  Are there really records of everything done, records that you can access so you can sit down and puzzle it...
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Every time I go to South Carolina, someone tells me we were friends in a previous life. I find this a bit strange, having never been an enthusiastic follower of the teachings of reincarnation, and because I have visited many other states, like Mississippi for example, and no one there ever says “...
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In this second book of M. J. Rose's Reincarnationist series Rose goes back to Europe for another memory tool. This time the tool is a flute made of bone that plays a tune to release the memories of past lives. Malachai has known about it for years through his treatment of Meer Logan who came to the...
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Since I had already read The Book of Lost Fragrances and Seduction of the series, I decided to read The Reincarnationist which is the first book in the Reincarnationist series. There were surprises (good and bad), more about reincarnation, and a really good story. This is what books should be --...
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It is the anniversary of Jac L'Etoile's mother's death and she puts flowers in the vase in the mausoleum, her mother's favorites. She sees her mother's ghost but refuses to talk to her for fear her old psychotic episodes will drag her back down into the abyss where the line between...
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This poem is for Flor, my aunt, who ended her days in a nursing home out in the middle of the countryside and whom I visited before she died. I remember leaving her as I drove out of the parking lot, I saw her in to the dining room, alone, looking out at me...I will never forget it.   ...
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I usually have no trouble writing reviews for books I've read and enjoyed -- and even for books I've not enjoyed, but quantifying Seduction by M. J. Rose is difficult. There is much more to the story and what is right and wrong with the book than the usual issues. The book begins with Victor Hugo...
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That is Toa Fraser's adaptation of Lord Dunsany's novel, Dean Spanley (2008), a film which was distributed directly to cable. Set in Edwardian England, Dean Spanley is a wise, witty, and understated story of familial love, loss, and reincarnation. Full post here.