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I'm proud of you There's a whole group of people out there who have never had that said to them. And probably never will. Because the people who should have said it to them, didn't or couldn't. And now a lot of them are dead. Or maybe the fault is theirs. Maybe they pushed those people away...
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Tuesday was the worst day of my life. My father died suddenly and unexpectedly at my house early Tuesday afternoon. I got home from a meeting to find my parents at my house. Dad was mowing my yard for me, which he’s done often and is really appreciated. However, shortly after noon, he sat down...
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How I Became Bitter In the mid-sixties, at age 12, my neighborhood friend Tuffy took up the business of selling greeting cards. He would go door to door carrying one of his attaché cases, asking people to buy different types, ranging from boxes of birthday cards to all-occasion cards. I went...
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With Cheer set to be published very soon, I thought I’d provide some background on how I came to write the story. When I was in college, a friend offhandedly told me something that made my ears prick up. Now that, I thought, would make a great novel.  And the idea never left me.  It just...
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When we are very young our dreams are pretty simple. They might include a new bike, a new toy, or ice cream for dessert. As we enter our young adult years, our dreams become much larger and center on career, family, travel, money, etc. It’s as if we are standing on a shoreline overlooking a vast...
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It's never a mistake to do good things, while you're young enough to do them.  Or even if you think you're not young enough to do them.  Good things are good things. 
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  Cynthia Brian is the editor of Teen Scene. Read the article here. https://www.lamorindaweekly.com/archive/issue0605/Consider-This-Its-all-in-the-Past.html Consider This: It’s All in the Past By Steven Zhou   As we inch closer to the beginning of summer, whether you’re a 7th grader or a...
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You're probably working on your bucket list, whether you've actually written down the things you want to do before you die, or whether they're just ideas rattling around in the back of your mind. There's another kind of bucket list, which is a list of things not to do before you die. For example...
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I heard a theory recently that offered a new twist on the belief in ghosts.  Just as supernatural, the claim was that the creaky floorboards, scuffling soles, and muffled voices that we hear in the darkness of night might actually belong to us--to another life, the life that might've been, an...
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  AP Julian Assange was reluctant to write his autobiography   Assange fails in bid to suppress own memoirs     By Jerome Taylor     The autobiography of Julian Assange is published today despite attempts by the WikiLeaks founder to suppress it after a bitter row...