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The teen knocked on the bedroom door in an uncharacteristically delicate manner. I was reclining on the pillows, palm to brow, measuring the potential new growth on the mountain ash that sprawled beyond the window, wishing I could be in Palm Springs, wearing interesting sunglasses, sipping a...
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The Buddha used the word “anata” to refer to “no self.” What did he mean? The same thing Jesus meant when he said, “Deny thyself” (Matt. 16:24). Then, what did these two spiritual teachers mean? Detachment is the word, my friend. Or, to put it another way, “Let go.” “But let go of what?” you ask....
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  Artisan All summer long I baked.  Fresh apron with long ties bound to my waist locked in knots . All summer long I baked cupcakes and tea bracks, coffee, chocolate, coconut, cherry cakes oh  and bakewell tarts too, cookies galore.  Custard creams and brownies and ...
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What I hide, deep within  my brain: Circular thoughts, half-formed ideas, curious questions wild  imaginings~ thoughts spinning around, trying  hard to escape, while others lie buried under a blanket of regret. © annettealaine-2013
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Shadow or spotlightNeither promises muchGlaring truth in plain view Chopper blades hummingThumping looming closingHeart valves pounding straining RunningStumblingFallingSweatingScreamingStruggling They finally found meHopes and expectations to the etherThe noose tightens quickly All those thingsI...
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  The last words my mother ever said to me were, "Peer Gynt Suite. It's the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg." Beverly Francis Rakha, right before my birth - 1959   We were in my parents’ car, my father driving home, my mother beside him, my four-year-old son and I in the back seat. It...
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ENJOY THIS ONE. it seems to me the bible is one amazing fiction book writen by many amazing creative writers but it is the true stories of the lives of people. Theres no better story than a true story. I have loads of these kinds of stories, message me and tell me what you think. My email is...
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I'm here! Here with Regret and Dread, my faithful friends. They keep me occupied so I don't notice the present. They don't let me see or feel that I am truly here. Regret distracts me with her constant patter. She can talk, that one. And Dread? He makes certain I never slip into ease or comfort. No...
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In the interests of full disclosure and postscript'd contrition, I hereby confess that during my competitive-writing days, I... I... well, I used steroids. But in my defense, it was just because all the other writers were juicin' on talent. I had to somehow stay competitive, don'cha see...