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According to the Los Angeles Times, long-missing comedy two-reel shorts such as 1927’s Mickey’s Circus, featuring a 6-year-old Mickey Rooney in his first starring role are among the American silent films recently found at the EYE Filmmusem in Amsterdam. The series was notable for essentially...
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The media coverage seems to indicate that legal analysts see this case as a miscarriage of justice with the potential for massive civil unrest. The Rodney King case proved how fear and outrage over injustice can erupt when an entire class of people living on the wrong side of a social margin have...
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On this date in 1992, a jury of 10 whites, one Hispanic, and one Filipina in the Los Angeles suburb of Simi Valley acquits four police officers who had been charged with using excessive force in arresting black motorist Rodney King a year earlier.         ...