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Ways to  make it thru our RAPIDLY EXPANDING TECH AGE by Judy Joy Jones  c 2013  ..why copywrite?  oh jus part of my craziness ..humor me ok? l.  god  2. prayer  3. wine  4. sex  5. chanting 6.  wine 7. you name it 8. patience ???????? 9. tranqs 10...
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 When a Saint Calls, Surrender  my book about my travels with Mother Teresa will be on the market in April, 2014!   We will upload it to Redroom Authors to share with everyone. https://www.facebook.com/judyjoyjones.art?ref=tn_tnmn
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I began painting from the confines of a hospital bed at the age of 31 for the first time in my life after a near death experience.  I had never painted before.  From the second my brushes touched the canvas, I knew my only purpose for being alive was to share my brief moment in time...
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Happy New Year, Redroom authors. I sit here this morning, looking out the window, as the wind blows and the few remaining leaves are carried here and there, but where? I do not know. No one else does either, right? So, remember, on this the dawn of a new year, that you and I are like leaves that...
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For part one of this interview please click here . Part two begins now:   Aberjhani: Through your various websites and profiles, such as Writing Junkie, BlogHer, Red Room, and of course now your Examiner column, different audiences know you in different ways. Some read you as a blogger,...