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In January of 2010 when Haiti was hit by a tragic earthquake, masses of people supported campaigns from the Red Cross to Oprah by giving money to aid in Haiti’s recovery. Initially the group ,Médecins Sans Frontièrs (MSF)better known in English speaking countries as Doctors without Borders were...
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When a disaster strikes, The Red Cross and other emergency services come to the aid of the victims of the disaster… regardless of where that disaster occurs in the world. This is the appropriate response when we see fellow humans suffering from unexpected catastrophes. How can we, as compassionate...
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If Darwin were alive today, he would have to rethink his dictums. In an evolutionary framework, the fittest would do little to effect a change in Haiti. They would let things run their course and see the crippling effects of nature’s wrath devour the weaker links and eliminate them from the...
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So now onto the STORM portion of our little blog-a-palooza. As many of you who were glued to CNN or other major news networks this past weekend, the southeast was pummeled by a major storm. Now when you live by the water, (and in my case I live across the street from the Elizabeth River) you expect...
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I get the NYT every morning online. This article (nytimes.com/2009/01/09/world/middleeast/09redcross.html)..sickened, appalled, and took me back years to the invasion of Baghdad by the U.S. and the carnage left behind, including a young 19 year old girl decapitated by U.S. bombs. In the AP report...
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Twitter Logo - Image Credit: Twitter Twitter - The Beak Speaks And Delivers The beautiful thing about New Media is that it defies control yet exemplifies what can be done in an atmosphere of freedom and creativity. Take Twitter for example; a free communications service that has just a couple of...