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    I'm truly fortunate in being able to keep writing and in having my work published. This Saturday, March 15, 2014, a dystopian novella of mine will be launched as an e-book. The name? We Are Strong, But We Are Fragile. It's something of a fable, a cautionary tale, set in the...
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The Significance of Reconciliation   Hello there my spiritual friend, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss with you this rather, most important of subjects, that of reconciliation. You see, so often many have been either on the presenting side or on the receipt of this essential...
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The story is legendary.  J.—a teen boy, reading in his childhood bedroom (a room he had all to himself, even though his four siblings all had to share)—hears the noise his dad is making outside mowing their large lawn, opens the window, and screams out, “Would you please stop making all...
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Forgiveness is such a fragile thing,offered in hand like a delicate sand dollar. If the hand clenches with unresolved anger,the brittle sea creature crumbles. Offering your absolutionis pure grace. It takes a strong charity of spiritto let go of your pain,and grant clemency to another. When two...
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The Queen’s visit to Ireland: Hope for the Future   In May 2011 Queen Elizabeth made the first visit to Ireland by a British monarch in 100 years since King George V in 1911. Gracious and friendly, she acknowledged the bleak record of past relationships between the two countries, particularly...
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There is some truth in the old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Since leaving Australia  to live in Canada last year, I have been reflecting more on my feelings about what was ostensibly my ‘homeland’ for over forty years. I generally steer away from patriotic fervour for a few...
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  What do you think about American Indians?  If you have framed them as special, spiritual, noble creatures, then you have locked them into the colonial zoo.  The US has over 500 Native tribes.  Europe has 52 “tribes.”  One Native American tribe is as different from another as the French are...
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I woke up to this lovely gift today: http://marinagraphy.com/book-reviewshivas-arms-cheryl-snell/ Thanks, Marina!
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Success! A new law establishing legal consequences and fines for locking people out of cemeteries and for obstructing access went into effect this fall in Texas. Publication of Love Cemetery set off the state-wide controversy over burial grounds that continues to grow. Despite the new law in effect...
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Success!  Thanks to the controversy sparked by the story of Love Cemetery and the work of many, a new law was passed in the Texas Legislature this year creating legal consequences and establishing fines for denying people access to cemeteries.  The law went into effect September 1st, 2009.    ...