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PJ Media’s Tatler has a column today asking people to add comments recommending favorite books for last-minute holiday gifts.  This is a great opportunity to give a boost to your favorite books/authors. The column is at http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2011/12/22/pj-recommends-last-minute-book-idea...
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Out of the blue I got a freelance job. It was like coming home to find my husband had left flowers in a vase on the table, when I opened the email from someone I don't know who got my name from someone I do know who recommended me for copywriting. I've spent quite a while cold calling, putting out...
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Yesterday, I gave some unsolicited advice sort of as a joke, but later found that people were really happy to get the information.  A fellow teacher had asked the English department to forward him any catalogues we had at home, and I wrote to him telling him about my antipathy for catalogues and a...
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The images that accompany stories about summer reading lists often feature relaxed sunbathers in elegant poses, reading by the seaside. Do things like this ever truly happen? I can never read at the beach--it's too noisy, and my hands are so gritty with sunblock and sand that I really shouldn't be...
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My grandmother on the distaff side used to say, "If you've nothing nice to say, don't say anything..." Switch "nice" for "helpful" and you have my current philosophy. I've recently been invited to become a contributing member of the teaching blog "1st Turning...