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Be the magnetic field of energy for what you want, rather than what you're afraid of.   Breath..Let go, relax, listen, there you will find the voice of your spirit. Listen and follow it's lead.  Reboot my life!  John Traficante    
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I've been dealing with a few issues at home.  I'm talking about the printer, home computer network - how many of us thought we'd say that forty years ago - and the home furnace.   My printer issue ended up resolved through the use of a reboot option.  Reboot and reset are sort of the...
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It's Spring everyone....Grow!  Be True to Yourself!  Reboot my life! John Traficante http://rebootmylife.com    
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Our inner voice speaks truth, once you take time to listen without judgement, observe and use discernment and simply grow. http://rebootmylife.com
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JT Universe & Rock of Love and Hope  Wish you all Happy Holidays!  As a special holiday gift we give you a free must-hear audio on the ending of a year and decade recorded by JT. John Traficante click here to listen http://geddupnoise.bandcamp.com/  Rock of Love and Hope is a non profit...
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"O,  Sweet Surrender, How delicious  you truly is." When you learn to surrender, all that is within your spirit is free to experience peace. Having inner peace you are able to create and manifest all that you are working on in your life. You have more focus, strength and energy to fulfill...
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Thoughts Imagine for a moment that everything you think about in your head would be screamed out loud. You would be forced to control your thoughts. “Thoughts are choices we choose to entertain.”           Our thoughts come from our ideas, our judgments, and the focus of our attention....
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Do You Feel as if you are over thinking a situation in your life? You may be in an Emotional Coma. It's time to Reboot! An emotional coma is having a stagnant state of mind where you find yourself thinking perpetual thoughts that are useless to creating a life of happiness. Most people that take on...
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Patience and Understanding  Patience is the key to peace.     Understanding this statement is the key to freedom.  In life there are moments that we need to exercise patience and understanding even if you may not fully understand what is happening.  If you have the patience to allow the clarity to...
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Add comment August 17, 2010 My Spirit is alive! Reboot my life! My spirit embodies this flesh of my being. I must allow it to be happy and free and not allow it to be swept away by the appearance of my surroundings, but if I do I shall do it with enthusiasm. All too often we forget that we are on...