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       Another post on ethics:  prosecuting Congress members for ethical violations is a last ditch stab at improving their ethical behavior. Punishment should always be a course of last resort. To be effective, ethics must be taught to children - reinforced at home, school, and on the street...
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The wise ones always say, "Everything happens for a reason."  Mostly, I want to know what that reason is.  The wise ones also tell us "We can't understand God's plan." Well tell God to get his ass down here and bring the schematics.  This life thing is getting out of hand. I...
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Bernard Fontanelle, 17th century secretary of the Academie Francaise, wrote: A work on politics, on morals, a piece of criticism, even a manual on the art of public speaking would, other things being equal, be all the better for having been written by a geometrician. "Other things being equal...
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SIZE MATTERS… Just 1/16th inch shorter, and a life would have been changed. A child would have been happier. Parents would have been smiling. Why just 1/16th of an inch? Because that would have been less than three inches. And Zachary Christie could have enjoyed his lunch. He wouldn’t have been...