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  Watching the Golden Globes and…ahem…”Quirky” People interact with each other on network television during this year’s show was pretty fun for me, and I’ll tell you why. I’m won’t mince words, because, well… I don’t do that. It was fun catching some of the show on Sunday. I watched as Jodi...
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I'm the person who follows entertainment news-stories in my Tweetdeck Feed.  News-stories of shows and people I do not watch generally on the television, movies or the internet. Why?  I'm a comedian.  A comedian more prone to watch an old movie before what is currently more popular....
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We have a wonderful triple-header for you today, tomorrow, and Thursday! The three Resident Authors and Founders of the incredible BestsellerBound Forums. Just scan their topics and you’ll want to dive in!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today’s interview is with Stacy Juba ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stacy, when...
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Glass walls don’t change anything. We can see and helplessly wring our hands. We can mock, we can sulk, we can laugh and cry, and we can see. We are voyeurs more than ever before because of these darned glass walls. Animals, people, even plants die and the cameras follow, the microphones, the...
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I am participating in a Gratitude Giveaway Blog Hop to thank new and established blog followers. I am giving away a spiral bound early readers copy of my upcoming January 1st mystery novel release Sink or Swim, about a personal trainer who is stalked after appearing on a reality TV show. I am also...
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  Passionate About Not Selling Out This week's question from Red Room is one that has me all over the board. Do I write about my fixation with how everyone's truth is susceptible to and patterned by his or her own upbringing? Or do I bring a gimlet eye to how our society has become self-absorbed...