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Reality Bites | Reality Bites

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Congratulations to Green Wizard Publishing on the launch of its first anthology, Reality Bites http://http://ning.it/ZUh2mp   If you have a chance, stop by the FB launch event - ebook prizes from indie authors  https://www.facebook.com/events/373938592719804/   Hope to see you there.
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There is no point really. One day arrived and I just did not feel like picking up so I played busy. I did not feel like returning the call either so I never did.   Now, a simple request goes unanswered.  Ignored. It could be deliberate like ignoring that call and not returning it.   What...
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My ex-husband is Quechua and I, as you can see from that picture in the corner there, am white; he and I had two daughters together.  Our older daughter, KidOne, looks like her daddy and his family.  It's not just her long dark hair and her bright brown eyes and her golden-brown skin, it's her...